Join the USC SMART-VR Student Ambassador Program!

Are you interested in Virtual Reality and learning about technology's impact on the future of healthcare? Sign up to join the USC SMART-VR Student Ambassador Program!

Through our support by the USC Collaboration Fund, we aim to foster multi-disciplinary efforts at the intersection of technology and healthcare. Our ambassadors play an integral part in helping to bring awareness of our mission across the USC campus and beyond.

Apply for our program today and learn more about how you can:

  • Participate in exciting events featuring industry leaders in immersive technology and healthcare
  • Become part of a multi-disciplinary network featuring researchers, developers, students, healthcare workers, and professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds
  • Engage in immersive experiences through the center's library of Virtual Reality games and technology
  • Gain valuable skills and experience for building your professional resume

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Read about our 2020-2021 SMART-VR Student Ambassadors