SMART-VR Community Showcase Event – 1/26/21

We recently launched our first SMART-VR Community Showcase, featuring all the latest developments from researchers and developers within the SMART-VR Center. Five projects were displayed, featuring:

  • Dr. Skip Rizzo with BRAVEMIND: A Soldier’s Tale: Targeting Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder using VR as a technologically-advanced immersion therapy intervention (YouTube: Talk / Demo)
  • Dr. James Finley with Achelios VR/Wordplay VR: Replicating the MoCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment test) to determine cognitive and visual impairments related to Parkinson’s Disease using VR (YouTube: Talk / Demo 1 / Demo 2)
  • Dr. Sook-Lei Liew with RE-INVENT: Improving motor function in stroke patients using digital avatars and immersive activities to strengthen neural pathways for greater rehabilitative outcomes in VR (YouTube: Talk / Demo 1 / Demo 2)
  • Dr. Judy Pa with Rescue Ranger: Combining physical and cognitive activity to prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease using engaging, story-driven tasks within VR (YouTube: Talk / Demo)
  • Dr. Tyler Ard with SCHOL-AR: Embedding Augmented Reality into your academic publications by creating three-dimensional, interactive visual content through the SCHOL-AR app (YouTube: Talk)

Talks were followed by a Q&A session, in which attendees from around the world discussed current issues and future aspirations for the role of XR within rehabilitation and healthcare.

Asynchronous immersive 360° video content of each demo was provided beforehand, which can be viewed via smartphone and cardboard VR headset (complimentary with RSVP for our showcase).

See you all again for more talks, demos, and Q&A sessions by the SMART-VR Center in the future! Stay up-to-date by visiting our events page, subscribing to our monthly newsletter, or following us on Twitter for the latest info on SMART-VR activities in the future.